Task groups:

TG-01 : Modification of existing germanium diodes (S. Schoenert, MPI Heidelberg)
TG-02 : Design and production of new Ge diodes (A. Caldwell, MPI München)
TG-03 : Diode readout and signal processing (C. Cattadori, INFN Milano)
TG-04 : Cryostat and cryogenic infrastructure (K.T. Knoepfle, MPI Heidelberg)
TG-05 : Clean room and lock system (B. Majorovits, MPI München)
TG-06 : Water tank and water plants (C. Cattadori, INFN Milano)
TG-07 : Muon veto (V.Egorov, JINR Dubna and Peter Grabmayr, Uni Tübingen)
TG-08 : Infrastructure & logistics for Gerda (M. Junker, LNGS)
TG-09 : DAQ Electronics & online software (B. Schwingenheuer, MPI Heidelberg and R. Brugnera, INFN Padova)
TG-10 : Simulation and background studies (L. Pandola, LNGS)
TG-11 : Material screening (H.Simgen, MPI Heidelberg and G. Zuzel, Jagiellonian University)
TG-12 : Calibration (L. Baudis, Uni Zürich)