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Other Institutes:

GERDA Home Page at MPI-Heidelberg
GERDA Home Page at MPI München
Laboratori Nazionali delGranSasso
Snolab homepage
CUPP project
Virtuelles Institut fuer Dunkle Materie und Neutrinophysik (VIDMAN)


ILIAS database on the radiopurity of materials
Isotope Project Home Page
Catalogue of HPGe Gamma Spectra (protected)
Physics Preprint Server

Double Beta Experiments & Neutrino Physics:

Other Double Beta Decay Experiments
The Ultimate Neutrino Page
Neutrino Oscillation Industry
Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Newsletter
Further Links & References for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

Links to Disscussion groups & Activities:

MaGe Simulation Disussion Forums (Accessible only on pclh3-05 & pclg-01)
PNNL Majorana Information

Conferences & Workshops:

Neutrino Meetings
October 14-15, 2004, LNGS: Ge Monte-Carlo Workshop
October 16, 2004, LNGS: Gerda / Majorana joint Workshop