Symposium on Future Applications of Germanium Detectors in Fundamental Research

The symposium was organised by

  • Yue,Qian, Tsinghua University Beijing
  • Iris Abt, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik in Muenchen.

    It was sponsored by the
  • Sino-German center for the support of sciences, representet by Zhao,Miaogen pdf ppt
    and hosted by the
  • Tsinghua university in Beijing from March 23 to March 29, 2011.

    A summary is available in English and in Deutsch .

  • Talks:

  • Germanium: Past, Present, Future

  • Juergen Eberth: The history of germanium detectors up to position sensitive gamma ray tracking and AGATA pdf
  • Yue, Qian: CJPL and CDEX pdf
  • Iris Abt: The path to the Ge-1ton experiment, MAJORANA, GERDA or SPHERE style pdf

  • Dark Matter: Theory and Experiment

  • Zhou,Yufeng: Dark matter theory: a brief overview pdf
  • Yang, Changgen: Dark matter detection R&D in IHEP pdf
  • Liu, Xiang: XENON100 and PandaX pdf

  • Particle Physics

  • Wang, Yifang: Particle physics in China pdf

  • Neutrinos

  • Wong, Henry: The TEXONO Program on Low Energy Neutrino Physics at the Kuo-Sheng Reactor pdf
  • Cao, Jun: Daya Bay neutrino experiment pdf

  • HPGe Detector and Crystal Manufacturing

  • Marie O. Lampert: Highlights of germanium detector technology pdf
  • Li, Yulan: Study of PCHPGe detector for Dark matter search pdf
  • Nikolay Abrosimov: Czochralski crystal pulling at IKZ pdf
  • Helge Riemann: Crucible-free crystal pulling at IKZ pdf

  • Electronics

  • George Pascovici: Front-end electronics for segmented germanium detectors pdf
  • Zhu, Weibin: Low noise JFET preAMP for Ge detector pdf
  • Deng, Zhi: Low noise ASIC preAMP for Ge detector pdf

  • Pulse Shapes

  • Liu, Jing: Pulse shape simulation for segmented detectors pdf
  • Dusan Budjas: Pulse shape simulation for Bege detectors pdf
  • Yu, Chunxu: Simulation of Ge detector pdf
  • Fabiana Cossavella: Pulse Shape analysis pdf
  • Oleksandr Volynets: Temperature dependence of pulse propertie pdf

  • Test Facilities

  • Ruan, Xichao: Nuclear recoil quenching factor measurement for HPGe detector pdf
  • Yang, Yigang: HPGe detection of 511keV gamma inducted by LINAC - pdf not available
  • Sabine Dinter: The GALATEA test facility pdf

  • Shielding

  • Karl-Tasso Knoepfle: Schielding Strategies pdf

  • Underground Facilites and CJPL

  • Bernh. Schwingenheuer: Survey of underground facilities pdf
  • Zeng, Zhi: Low background facility setup in CJP pdf
  • Wu, Yucheng: Measurement of muon flux in CJPL pdf
  • Zhu, Jingjun: Measurement of fast neutron spectrum and flux in CJPL pdf
  • Gong, Hui: Measurement of thermal neutron background in CJPL - pdf not available

  • The Fight Against Background

  • Peter Grabmayr: Neutron induced backgrounds and neutron activation measurements of 76Ge pdf
  • Bela Majorovits: Irreducible backgrounds specific to HPGe detectors pdf

  • Iris Abt: Workshop Summary talk pdf

    A most interesting excursion to the CJPL underground facility completed the symposium.
    The excellent and fast progress of the facility was very impressive.

    Here are three pictures the lab: 1 2 3
    and from the dam 1 2 3